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Knowledge is obtained by faith and dedication retained by devotion and abandoned by Self-deception.


Who is Bhaktaraj Maharaj? And what does he do? - Mr. Bejon N. Desai

“No mind state” is a MEDIATOR'S prerequisite and a paradise. It is the first step to go into the CENTRE of one’s own being gradually, but, assuredly. Hindu yoga scriptures have shown two main paths to achieve, this ‘State of being’. One is DHYAN i.e. through the knowledge of one’s own BEING and the other is through “BHAKTI”, i.e.. one of the nine types of devotions (NARMADA-BHAKTI) But the most well-preferred one is NAMSMARANA remembrance of the Lord’s names some hundred or thousands of times.

 Both these are not the primrose paths; but with the grace of a fully realized MASTER (Guru) their attainment becomes easy to a real SEEKER (SADHAK) Scriptures of almost all the religions knowingly have advised seekers to hold on to a more practical mode and that is of NAMSMARANA (Hinduism); rosary bead remembrance (Christianity) Zikra  (Islam) “Yak-sad-o-Yak –esma 101 names of God for daily practice (Zoroastrianism) JAPUJI (Guru Grant saheb of Sikhs) turning-wheel (of the Buddhist religion) and so on and so forth!

Our most revered master “Bhaktaraj” has mastered this technique through another of the nine items of Bhakti i.e. KIRTANA (praising the Lord at every breath of one’s own life) He has made this technique totally suitable to the 20th Century person, who could attain the ‘meditative state’ through KIRTANA within a very short space of time.

 Bhaktaraj means the king amongst the devotees. He prefers therefore to remain a DEVOTEE always and for ever. Like our 20th century’s incarnation of the Lord SAI he never prefers to be or to act as a Guru. He has therefore no disciples, because he himself is a devotee (BHAKTA) of the lord. His main aim in life is to turn every devotee towards the Lord through KIRTANA.  At every beat of his heart is the Lords name and his only and main objective is to see that every one who comes is his contact, starts with the constant uttering of HARI OM TATSAT at every moment.

Bhaktaraj moves about everywhere in a simple attire of an ordinary Hindu (Grihasti) gentleman; loves everyone who loves the Lord and always talks to them in a simple and piercing language about the Lord and always talks to them in a simple and piercing language about the necessity of remaining in constant remembrance of the Lord; thereby remaining in constant contact with the lord! He partakes simple food. Although a perfect man on the PATH, never betrays anyone through the show of some divine pomposity. He wears only one face. All the time he remains constantly on his move. He checks up with his devotees( all of them are his best friends) how far they have progressed.

 During late evening hours (like sufi’s ZIKRA) he brings out his DAFLI (small hand drum) and with or without any musical accompaniment, he draws all his friends close to him through his KIRTANA all of which contain his own devotional songs.

The most remarkable aspect in all these activities, is to note his naturalness his through mastery in the presentation of his self composed songs, although he has neither learnt any PINGAL (prosody) for composing his devotional songs, nor he has ever learnt MUSIC  during his life-time. And lo and behold, most of the audience, after some time, come into the no mind state, and go in to the center of their own BEING.

 Bhaktaraj got his grace from the last incarnation of SAI at INDORE in the name and form of ANANTANAND SAISH. He left his lucrative business, his own wife and family members; left his last garment and plunged head on into the depth of the ocean of spirituality held roaring before him by Shri Anantanand his mentor.

Calamities did not deter him. On the contrary, the poet the singer and the saint peeped out of his gentle and God intoxicated heart and at the end of the line was a King among the devotees. His gurubandhu Ramji bhaiya (P.P. Ramanand Maharaj) and his few contemporaries are ever helpful to me in knowing Baba as he was then and now. I had the great pleasure of listening to the narration of one ardent devotee of Maharaj whom he refers to as Babaji.

The devotee is, Shri Ranmanan, who had gone with P. P. Bhaktaraj to Badrinath on a pilgrimage in May 1994. His unique experience of having the first ever encounter with his true self in the Himalayas in the presence of Bhaktaraj proves my point that Bhaktaraj mission is to acquaint everyone coming in his contact with the persons true BEING through ‘Nama Smarana’ and ‘KIRTANA’. Out of his so many disciplined devotees, I wish to make a mention of one ardently devoted couple Drs. Kunda and jayant B. Athwale. Their inspiring book’ The Teachings of Bhaktaraj Maharaj, is so well written that I feel should inspire the readers of this essay to have this book as a precious possession. Another book in Marathi ‘MAJHE SADGURU’, by Baba's longtime friend and devotee Shri Dada Dalvi, be kept by every Marathi knowing lover of Baba.

I wish to dedicate this my small thesis to Bhaktaraj Maharaj on the Ashadhi Guru Poornima day falling this year on 22nd July 1994.

It was my late Master Hazrat Kamu Baba who had taught me the scientific technique of watching ones true self through the night long remembrance of the Lords names through ZIKRA for years together and now and here is Shri Bhaktaraj Maharaj whom I owe so much for guiding me further on the same PATH through another scientific technique i.e. KIRTANA (although both are one and the same) leading me to enter always and to stay for ever in to the center of my BEING- i.e. meditative state of BLISS!

- Mr. Bejon N. Desai






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