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Words of wisdom

Knowledge is obtained by faith and dedication retained by devotion and abandoned by Self-deception.


Homage Paid to P.P. Bhaktaraj Maharaj by other saints

A saint of the highest spiritual level
In today's world there are only four saints of the highest spiritual level. Out of them, three are in the Himalayas and only one of them is living in the society and carrying out the mission of turning people towards practicing spiritualism. That saint is H. H. Shreemat Sadguru Bhaktaraj Maharaj.
— H. H. Anna Karandikar, Dahanu.

The limit of spiritual progress
Bhaktaraj Maharaj is the limit of spiritual progress.
— H. H. Kane Maharaj, Kolhapur.

Baba's rarity
Even after searching the whole universe one will not find a Sadguru tike Bhaktaraj Maharaj.
— H. H. Kane Maharaj, Kolhapur.

Recognizing Baba
Only he, who has realized the secret of Lord Krushna's dance in Gokul (Raasakridaa) , will be able to recognize Bhaktaraj Maharaj (i.e., he will realize that he cannot recognize Him !)
— H. H. Kane Maharaj, Kolhapur.

Baba's state
In day-to-day life Baba comes down at the most up to Aadnyaa Chakra, Otherwise, He is at a very high level.
— H. H. Kane Maharaj, Kolhapur.

Baba and the number of His disciples
Baba, You are the Lord Krushna narrating the Geeta, while I am the Lord Krushna performing miracles.
(This was said by GulabaBaba when talking about the number of disciples. Lord Krushna told the Geeta only to Arjuna i.e., He had only one disciple, but there were thousands of people enticed by His miracles. Since Bhaktaraj Maharaj imparts knowledge, He has a few disciples, but since GulabaBaba performs miracles, he is able to attract thousands of people.)
— H. H. GulabaBaba, Katel.

I will give you only one blessing. If you wish to be born again, be born in Into again and again for devotion to God, but not for doing a job or business. Never be born again to dream of England, America or Germany. While being born again bring along with you the address of Bhaktaraj Maharaj's ashram.
— H. H. Mounibaba, Narayangaon.

Heaven and Hell
Now we are sitting in Bhaktaraj Baba's Kingdom (ashram). This is heaven. When we reach home, that is hell.
— H. H. Mounibaba, Narayangaon.







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