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Lord GANESHA gives darshan near Anantanand Saish's Paduka (in Holy tree 'Audambar') at Indore ashram.

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Words of wisdom

Knowledge is obtained by faith and dedication retained by devotion and abandoned by Self-deception.


His Holiness Shreemat Sadguru
Ramanand Maharaj


You will find Bhaktaraj and such similar persons; but you will find only ONE Ramanand !

- H. H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj

It was destined for every sincere devotee of Shri Bhaktaraj Maharaj to meet Shri Ramanand Maharaj, who before his initiation and naming ceremony at mortakka Yadnya was known as "SHRI RAMJI DADA". Very affable DADA acted as a Very humble server of Shri Bhaktaraj Maharaj, till he lived.

Shri Ramanand is affectionately called Ramji Dada. Dada took a pledge to protect Bhaktaraj under any circumstances. Dada was, STHITAPRADNYA one and the same during rain or sunshine during mirth or misery. He felt nothing during the torrential showers of abuses or lilting laughter of Shri Bhaktaraj Maharaj.

After the passing away of Bhaktaraj, Dada declared at the time of igniting the pyre at Kandali that he could touch even the hem of Shri Baba’s cloak and again added that his sacred duty was to uphold and preserve the pious heritage and compassionate deeds of Baba that were entrusted to him. He told an august assembly one Guru Poornima Day in Nasik that his duty was to preserve the sacred gaddi of the late Shri Baba. He said again at that time that he (Dada) was not the Gurubandhu of Bhaktaraj but Dada was his disciple only! He was the preserver of the Sacred PADUKAS of Shri Bhaktaraj.

The world "disciple" in English language has been derived from the world (An abstract noun) "DISCIPLINE". One who maintains discipline (Strictness with one's own self) can become a disciple of a Sadguru. Sanskrit Language has also expressed the same ideology in the word "Shishya". It means-one who observers a strict disciplinary conduct or routine in every act of devotion or service is called the observer of "Shista" and if one has Shista i.e. the inner discipline, one can become a disciple of a Sadguru i.e. Shishya. Dada is very strict with himself and therefore he is very kind with others. From his side, he shows LOVE only. He is always seen
to accentuate the POSITIVE and to discard the NEGATIVE.

Shri Dada keeps on moving for the purpose of meeting people from places to places. Places that he visits range from Yadnopavit or Marriage pendaals, houses of devotees for KIRTAN, as well the places 'where His or Baba's lovers or near ones and dear ones fall ill or breathe their last. When Smt. Desai and I were in the hospital in Mumbai (Jaslok) after a serious car accident, Shri Bhaktaraj flew all the way from Indore and brought lots of boxes containing all sorts of sweets and Salty tidbits and distributed them to the attending staff and doctors of the hospital as well as all and Sundry attending upon us. Shri Ramanand did the same thing again in the same hospital after some years when Smt. Desai was lying flat after two major operations.

Dada's KIRTANS are as best as ' those done by revered Bhaktaraj. The use of Dafli (hand drum) during the crescendo intensified the late night assemblies of devotees taking them to the heights of meditational ecstasy. This I had experienced every Thursday Late nights in ZIKRAS held by my Master Hazrat Kaamu Baba in his abode al Goraegaon.

Dada never uses any Verbal Jargon in a wanton manner! He is like the silent steam working in a railway engine. It does not make any noise, but keeps on running the engine. It is the steam, that escapes from the engine, that makes great noise!
In fine! quote a sentence very fondly and frequently uttered by Shri Bhaktaraj when he described Dada thus: " You will find Bhaktaraj and such similar persons; but you will find only ONE Ramanand !"







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