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Knowledge is obtained by faith and dedication retained by devotion and abandoned by Self-deception.

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His Holiness Shreemat Sadguru
Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Main events in His spiritual life

  • Birth: 7th July, 1920 at Manasa, Madhya Pradesh, at 7.10 a.m.

  • The first ‘Vision’ (Darshan) of His Guru, Shri Anantanand saish: 9th February 1956.

  • Shri Guru giving the Gurumantra: 15th February 1956.

  • Shri Guru naming Baba as 'Bhaktaraj': 16th February 1956.

  • Shri Guru giving up His body: 12th December 1957.

  • Mahanirvana (giving up of His body) at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, at 2.45 a.m.: 17th November 1995.


Satguru Shri Anantananda Saish had gifted two great disciples to the world viz. H. H. Baba (H. H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj was fondly addressed as Baba by His devotees). The former (H. H. Bhuranand baba) became a sanyasi staying in a small cottage at Mehtakhedi near Badwah in M.P. and practiced penance for years together on the banks of the river Narmada serving countless sadhus and sanyasis who visited his cottage. The other disciple was turned into a Rajyogi for the liberation of the devotees trapped in the illusions of the worldly life. “It is not the things and objects that should be abandoned but rather their temptation that should be given up”, says he.

Even in his early life before meeting the Guru he was essentially a righteous and pious man with a deep passion for Bhajans and compassion for the poor and the helpless. Once he had distributed all the crackers in a shop to the poor children on the road and paid all the money he had to shop-keeper.

Shri Anantananda Saish had transformed him after keeping him a spiritual trance continuously for six months when people took him to be a lunatic and a mad man. His Guru said “he will make the whole world mad-a prophecy that did come true since he did make the world mad with his Guru had said that they are not different form the Ramayana and the Geeta .These Bhajans contain his philosophy, his message to the world and the depths of his spiritual experiences. These Bhajans have proved to be the search lights for the spiritual aspirants and a perennial source of rich fragrance for the devotees.







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