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Lord GANESHA gives darshan near Anantanand Saish's Paduka (in Holy tree 'Audambar') at Indore ashram.

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Words of wisdom

Knowledge is obtained by faith and dedication retained by devotion and abandoned by Self-deception.



Bhaktaraj as I have been experiencing.

September 1979, Mortakka 10.a.m.
Occasion! Bhandara of Anantananda at shri Sadguru Sevashram, Mortakka .Before we all took leave of Bhaktaraj Maharaj, my children, family and friends were permitted to return to Mhow but I was detained for 2 days more.” I have some work for you” he said.
Same evening Bhaktaraj called me near him and said “There are many things to be completed through you.” “Your services are required .Do not say no.” “You will see something which is rarely seen otherwise; there will be hardly any direct sitting between us like yourself sitting before me and I talking to you; you will see and experience”.’ As you desire and grace please.’

November 1979. Mhow.
Somewhere at 3a.m. I was half asleep, or half awake? I felt elation in my mind and felt that something unusual was happening and became alert. In the dimly lit bed-room I perceived glow of light appear and gradually increasing in intensity; the light was bright, not painful to eyes but pleasant, happy; color? It was yellowish white; strange thing was that there was no source visible but light only emanated. A low voice said slowly “Are you awake?” “Yes please”. “Be careful, do not slip from one to another; and ‘Be thinking ““Yes please.”
If so, tell me what this “Gada” (i.e. Mace of Vishnu) means.’ “I have never thought of it”. What is the meaning of “Sudarshan Chakra?” and Shankha”? You use the words, mean them & never go to their depths. They are not what they appear to be. “When is a Gada used”? When you hit a thing with Mace the One thing will be broken into “many” parts; actually the pieces were ONE only, but later have become may parts, Parabrahma Parmatma is appearing in all souls. All are from the same ONE; they are the ONE and NOT ENTIRE ONE”.
“I think there is much in your words that requires honest pursuit to understand it.” “That is true. What is this Chakra? I know you not know it. It is Force, protective force in perpetual motion; it is like itself; it destroys the wrong one and evil thoughts and protects the good ones.
“The meaning is becoming quite significant please.” “Go deeper into these things and many aspects will “Reveal” themselves to you; what about the Conch? The Shankha? Reply; silence only.” What do you do with Conch? Blow it? Yes! What sound it produces? A deep note with uniform low pitch but all-occupying? Well, it is the sound. Remember it is from the sound “Om” the whole universe was created.
“Oh! What a grand interpretation”. “Well, it is not interpretation’; you will not get these meanings explained in any of the Vedas and Dharama-granthas”. You continue you honest pursuit and you will get to the Truth.” The light faded; glow became dim; I just looked at the time piece; it was 4.30 a.m. I got up and sat in the bed; recollected all that happened. Is this a revelation by him? Is it real? Or hallucination?

September, 1980, Nashik.
After a year I narrated the above experience to Bhaktaraj. His reply was “Name Bhaktaraj was given and confirmed by my Guru and it has become a “Manta” those who have “Dhyan” or “Japa” of this mantra, your own Daivata & Ishta Daiveta appear to you in that form in which you have worshipped or done puja or venerated. This is your own experience and your achievements. Do not think that I can go into the dreams of all my Bhaktas and tell them to do things, explain things etc. Well, I have my own body, I have my own body, I have my mind, and my work. I claim no such mystery or “chamatkars”. I am much against chamatkars: what you have got is “Sakshatkar” and the Siddis? they are quite small ,petty, tiny and pigmy.” “I know only one thing i.e., “Guru Charan” Through Guru Charan & Guru Prem, I get all things –Happiness-Shanti. That you also will attain by only one easy means i.e. by Bhajans”.
No doubt such plain speaking by the Raja among all the Bhaktas/dispels of Anantanand has revealed to us “Bhaktaraj” His name become a “Mantra” to some, means of Salvation to some and to some it is a source of Prem i.e. Eternal Love.
That is the Bhaktaraj I am seeing, feeling experiencing and revering and trying to realize.

- Dr. Kamlapur, Mhow






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