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Lord GANESHA gives darshan near Anantanand Saish's Paduka (in Holy tree 'Audambar') at Indore ashram.

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Words of wisdom

Knowledge is obtained by faith and dedication retained by devotion and abandoned by Self-deception.


MY SADGURU BHAKTARAJ SWAMI - Retd. Prof. Vijay Chitnis.

His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj is one of the few living saints who have attained total enlightenment. He served his Guru H. H. Shri Anantanand Saish with utmost dedication, and selflessness. Shri Anantananda Saish was ordered by Sri Saibaba of Shirdi to go and stay in M.P. State (perhaps in order to confer his Divine Grace upon H. H .Bhaktaraj Maharaj)

The Mission of his life is to guide the spiritual aspirants on the path of devotion and self realization. He spreads his divine message through the medium of Bhajans, containing a wealth of spiritual wisdom.

H. H. Sri Anantkrishnan of Vishakhapatnam, having International following was advised by his Guru to learn Bhaktiyoga from H. H. Sri Bhaktaraj Maharaj of Indore.

His simplicity and austerity are unmatched. His love and grace are boundless. His compassion and kindness are over whelming.

He initiates his devotees and spiritual aspirants in the simple sadhana of ‘Nama japa’ Bhajans, Bhatki and Truthfulness. He says that you will get answers and solutions to all your problems in the silence following the chanting of God’s name. Peace and stability of mind alone can give you real satisfaction. Peace can cone only with God’s name.

He cuts short, all controversies by asking us to chant God’s name in our hearts and assures us that nothing else is necessary to achieve you ultimate goal.

You feel so different in his presence. He inspired the sources of Divine, joy and inspiration .Once he accepts you, he takes your care like the mother. He feeds the poor and the hungry and blesses the seekers of god.

His Bhajans are as sweet as honey and contain the eternal principles of the Vedanta. They are replete with the finest feelings of devotion and beauty of the divine of the Guru.

Transformation is inevitable after coming in contract with him. He is the Lord of Lords and a magician par excellence.


- Retd. Prof. Vijay Chitnis.






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